COM 401

COM 401 – The War Resisters Support Campaign

In the 1960s and 1970s an estimated 125,000 Americans crossed the border into Canada to avoid the Draft for the ongoing war in Vietnam. At that time, then-Prime Minister Trudeau welcomed them and gave them refuge from a war with which many didn’t agree. Thirty years later the same situation is happening again as men and women who disagree with the United States’ presence in Iraq and Afghanistan cross into Canada, seeking asylum. Currently, the Canadian Government takes the stance that the legality of the US involvement in war with those countries does not affect Immigration cases of U.S. citizens seeking refuge in Canada. The War Resisters Support Campaign (WRSC) is a group of Canadian and U.S. political organizations, unions, councils, and individuals who are calling on the Canadian Government to reverse its stance and allow those seeking refuge to be allowed to make their homes in Canada.



COM 401 – Cutting the Cable Cord

Save Money, Get More Control

One day, about four months ago, I decided to take fifteen minutes of my time and make one small change that would save me over $1000 a year: I got rid of cable. Now this wasn’t some spur-of-the moment decision, but one that took a few weeks time and discussion between my husband and I.  Would we miss it? What would we replace it with, if anything? How much television did we actually watch? As it turned out the answer to that last question was quite a bit, but most of it was freely and readily available in other (legal) ways.

The idea of cutting the cable cord isn’t a new one. Apple released the first Apple TV in March of 2007, which was limited to allowing users to stream content from the Apple Store. Roku was the next on the market in 2008, and the final of the Big Three, Google Chromecast was released less than a year ago. Users have access to channels, apps, and programs for far less than the cost of a cable subscription, paying only for the content you use.


Com 401 – Recipe Assignment

Macaroni and Cheese – The Ultimate Comfort Food

When winter (and the inevitable snow) comes, I always crave comfort food. It’s warm, filling, and often reminding me of childhood. To me, mac and cheese is the best form of comfort food out there. It leaves me feeling cozy even when the temperatures outside are dipping into the single digits. This recipe is perfect for the home cook with some experience. It’s endlessly customizable and you can have it suit exactly what you’re craving so that you feel just as comforted as I do.

Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Skill Level: Intermediate
Servings: Six