When Books Make You Throw Them (CBR8 Review 11)

Title: Glass Sword
Author: Victoria Aveyard
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Late last year I read the first book in Aveyard’s series about a young girl with extraordinary abilities. Because this is the sequel, there will be spoilers for the first book. If you plan on picking up this series (and I recommend doing that), then I would skip this review and go right to reading! Mare has such a fun story, one that I think greatly improved with this second book. I thought this was only a two-book series, and when I got to the end of this one, I almost threw it across the room (except not, because it was an e-book, and I like my computer too much). It was only later that I realized Mare’s story would continue and I (and she) would get another chance at a better ending.


We pick up right where book one leaves off. Maven has become the evil little shit we all thought he had to potential to be, Mare has found out her beloved brother Shade is still alive (and also has a special ability of his own), and she and Cal are prisoners of the Red Guard. And holy shit, is this book packed full of action. There are some heavy fight sequences throughout, one right off the bat that had be reading as fast as I could. There are betrayals and double-crosses, shady figures, and daring rescues. Lives are lost (both for good and for oh-my-god-I’m-gonna-cry bad), love is discovered, and shit gets fucked up. It’s awesome.

I haven’t read much in the way of reviews of this series, but I can see some major comparisons to The Hunger Games in them. Mainly in how Mare has to decide what side she’s on, and if there’s even a right side anymore. People like her, these New Bloods, are wanted by not just their own people, but by the countries fighting theirs. People who want to harness and use them for their own means, much like a certain District 13. Mare is the face of all of this, and is forced to really look at what it means to be in this position and deal with the power she wields.

In this way, I think I like Mare a little more than Katniss. After that second Hunger Games, Katniss was kind of useless. Mare doesn’t allow herself to drown in self-pity. She knows that it’s her fault things are so fucked up, and she’s determined to fix as much of her mess as possible. She wants to give everything she has to the movement and try to save lives. Moreover, people call her on her shit. When she’s being stupid and selfish and stubborn, people will tell her. When she starts treating those who care the most about her like crap, she’s called out. Just because she’s the Red Queen, doesn’t mean she can just do whatever she likes. I loved that level of accountability.

And holy hell, y’all, that ending. I got so mad, and yet was impressed by Aveyard’s balls to throw something like that in. I have to say, this woman can write a book and drop a bomb like nobody’s business. I can’t wait to see what she has coming next for Mare.

Rating: 4.5/5 stars


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