Let’s Get Drunk (CBR 7 Review 27)

Title: One More Thing: You Deserve a Drink: Boozy Misadventures and Tales of Debauchery
Author: Mamrie Hart
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If Grace Helbig is the Internet’s Awkward Older Sister, then Mamrie Hart is the badass aunt who has the best stories and is always sneaking us sips of booze. I mean, the woman built her career out of making (and consuming) cocktails. That alone made me think this book was going to be good. And then when I found out each chapter started off with it’s own drink recipe? Well, pour the shots and let’s get to reading.

The book is a memoir based around events in Hart’s life, mostly adulthood. College at UNC, moving to New York, trips taken with friends. I know it’s curated and amped up to sell copies, but her life does sound like a lot of fucking fun. The adventures she’s been on are probably things I would never do, but I love reading about them. I’m not super familiar with Hart’s online persona, but I imagine it’s much like how she comes across in books. Lots of bad jokes, bad words, and warnings that her family probably should skip the next few pages (using the keyword “rutabaga,” which I thought was genius.) The book is breezy, fast-moving, and really easy to just fly through. I was almost late to work one morning because I got caught up in reading about her adventure as a summer camp counselor. Totally worth it.

Of course, given the title of both the book and her YouTube show, there is a lot of drinking in this book. Mamrie loves her booze (in a mostly healthy way…probably.) If reading stories about people getting drunk and doing stupid and/or funny shit isn’t your speed, you probably want to skip this one. If it is, though, then you’re in for a treat. Stories about birthday parties, weddings, concerts, road trips, and vacations abound and alcohol is almost always involved in the decision making process of what happens on these trips. (Though in some cases, like the drive to Vegas, it’s more of a coping mechanism.) The way Hart tells them, it’s like you’re with her. Sometimes when people recount drunken adventures, it just gets boring and frustrating, but not here. Hart does such a good job of making the reader feel included in her stories, with asides and footnotes to add a little extra fun.

When she’s not talking about drinking, Hart gets real. She talks about her first panic attack, and how it became a part of her life. She learned to recognize the signs in herself, and others, and really normalizes the whole thing. As someone who has a little history with a good old panic attack, it was so wonderful to read about someone else’s experiences. While she makes sure to note that they’re real and serious, they’re not a huge deal. It’s something you just learn to cope with. There’s also a “Quickshot” about internet commenters, and Hart is fantastic on body image. For a year in college, she presided over Topless Tuesdays, in which a bunch of her female friends got together, took off their shirts, and just did stuff. There was no body shaming, no comments, no comparisons. Just chicks hanging out and accepting themselves for who they are and having a good time while doing it. The importance of being comfortable in your own skin is something Hart nails.

I haven’t tried any of the cocktail recipes yet, but I have a feeling it’ll be happening soon. This is also going to end up being one of those books I lend out or give to people who need a good laugh. Thanks, Mamrie.

Rating: 4.5/5 stars.


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  1. Amped up? No, I think she toned it down. Mamrie Hart is every bit of the person she appears in her book & then some. The only thing we really don’t get to see in her book is what an amazing human being she is demonstrated by the love & respect she has for her friends. You can remedy that by watching any collaboration video Mamrie has done & which is especially evident in any “Holy Trinity” video. Just be ready to laugh until you can’t breathe. I love the lessons Mamrie tries to teach us in her book & I hope that she is remembered for more than just her bawdy humor & fantastic cocktails. “You Deserve A Drink’ is a book worth reading & one worth owning. I should know, I have three copies…you know in case I wear one out.

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