It’s Gonna Be Legen–Wait For It (CBR7 Review 1)

Title: Choose Your Own Autobiography
Author: Neil Patrick Harris
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I’ve gotten a couple books under my belt so far this year, but I wanted to start on a high note. I had really been looking forward to reading NPH’s autobiography and when I got it for Christmas, I dove right in. To put it shortly, it did not disappoint.

I loved CYOA books in elementary and middle school. I was the kind of reader who would check out all possible options before picking one, always trying to get the best ending possible out of it. With NPH’s book, that’s a lot easier. I can’t say I’ve read every page of it, but I have read through it about four times and I think I have a pretty good feel for the book.

His style is exactly what you’d expect. Frank, a little dirty (looking at you, Harold and Kumar chapter), sweet, opulent (Elton John’s house) and hilarious. The love he has for his husband David and their two children radiates from the pages; the chapters about meeting his husband and the birth of Harper and Gideon were some of my favorite parts. You get to experience a lot of facets of NPH’s life from television and movies to theater, magic, and hosting. It really is a fascinating look into what he’s done over his life.

The one weakness I think the book has is a slightly repetitive nature. I ended up going back over the same chapters as I tried to find different ways of living the NPH life. I know there are still parts I haven’t read, and I’m debating going back and just reading the whole thing from start to finish just to make sure I don’t miss anything.

My favorite parts were all the little extras. Cocktail and food recipes, magic tricks, guest chapters; just little things that give the book a little something more. The style and personality are exactly what you’d expect from Neil Patrick Harris. If you’re a fan and this is something you’ve been interesting in reading, it will not disappoint.

5/5 Stars.


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